Young Family Peace of Mind Package



Provides for naming legal representative upon death; your choice of guardian to care for minor children; and your directions on inheritances. – Option to include Uniform Transfer to Minors Act provision (“statutory trust”) to manage funds for children under 18 or 21 [Other Trust provisions available for an additional fee].

Durable General Powers of Attorney

Provides a spouse or another trusted individual the legal authority to act for you if you are disabled. – Can eliminate the need to go to court for an expensive and time-consuming guardianship proceeding.

Advance Medical Directive/Living Will

Allows you to provide your trusted agent with your wishes regarding life-sustaining treatment if you are in a coma or otherwise facing end of life decisions. – Your agent makes the decision YOU would make if you could, not what they want for you.

Peace of Mind Plan Roadmap

A guide for your loved ones that collects information that your family or survivor(s) will need in the event of an emergency. The Roadmap, along with your legal documents, will ease the grief and stress on your loved ones during a very difficult and emotional period.

Special package price of $995 per family. Major credit cards accepted You can learn more about these Peace of Mind Plan components here.