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At Reilly Law, PLC, we are dedicated to serving you effectively, efficiently, and with compassion. We have extensive personal and professional experience with the challenges and emotional distress that people have when thinking about estate planning. We lightheartedly tell our clients that we have to discuss the dreaded “5 D’s” with them — Disease, Disability, Dementia, Death, and Denial. Estate planning, at least in the minds of many of our clients, is just about death and dying. While that is certainly a big part of any estate plan, we also address the living aspects of the plan in our comprehensive Peace of Mind Planning. But ultimately, whether a client has a Will plan or a Trust plan, there will be some administration needed after his or her death. This  is when our clients and their loved ones benefit from our experience and personal approach to post mortem details

If a client’s Peace of Mind Plan works the way we designed it, the post-death administration process can go very smoothly and efficiently. As we tell our clients, a Peace of Mind Plan is created for them and for their loved ones and both should have peace of mind as a result. We work with our clients’ families just as we work with our own families, matter-of-factly, but always with underlying concern for their financial, physical, and emotional well-being. We also work with many clients who have been named Executors or Trustees to prepare them for their roles and responsibilities.

Probate is a court process for the administration of an Estate and is needed when someone dies with a Will (testate) or without a Will (intestate) but is generally not needed if the individual has a Revocable Living Trust plan in place or has his or her property passing to others by means of joint ownership or other methods.

As attorneys who deal exclusively with matters of estate planning, probate, and trust administration, we help our clients work through the many things that need to be done when someone dies and determine whether probate is necessary or not. If an estate must go through probate we provide ongoing assistance to clients with all aspects of the process including preparation of tax returns. If there is no need for probate, we can assist with other matters including the administration of ongoing Trusts.

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Our firm offers our clients Peace of Mind estate planning and we also provide related services such as probate and estate and trust administration, as well as tax services. But that’s all we do—we are focused on planning and advice for life’s challenges and for end of life care for our clients and their families. We don’t chase ambulances, litigate cases, or practice family law. This practice specialization distinguishes Reilly Law, PLC from many other attorneys and firms. Contact us today for a consultation.