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Reilly Law, PLC is your choice for assistance with creation of your personal Peace of Mind Plan. This is more than just an estate plan, it is a comprehensive review of your legal and financial needs with the goal of having a “roadmap” in place for your family should the time come when they must take action on your behalf. The new tax law in effect for 2017 provides each person with an estate tax exemption amount of $5.49 million ($10.98 million for a married couple). What this means is that most people do not need complex estate tax planning any longer since you would have to exceed those large dollar amounts in your estate before incurring Federal estate tax [note that currently both Maryland and DC do have their own lower estate tax thresholds which may require some tax-saving planning.] But the fact that you may not have an estate tax situation does NOT mean that you would not benefit from an estate (or Peace of Mind) plan. Click HERE for more on the Peace of Mind Plan.

As you can tell from his biography, George Reilly has served the needs of military members and their families for more than two decades. A significant part of his career was working with military families to create a legal readiness plan that would give these families their own peace of mind when the time came for the Servicemember to head out to sea or go off to war. Unfortunately George also witnessed what happened to families who had not created such a plan and had significant legal consequences when tragedy struck. 

As a result of his experience with military families and seeing the critical importance of a legal readiness plan when the unexpected occurs, George has developed his legal practice to provide this same type of legal readiness plan to other, non-military, families, at a reasonable cost.

Many families with young children don’t appreciate the importance of having a proper plan in placeWhile you may be just beginning your careers and may not need complicated planning, the legal and financial issues that your family could face should something happen to one of you are significant. You might find our guide to “Estate Planning for Young Professionals: 10 Things to Do Right Now” to be helpful. You can get your own copy by clicking HEREYou can also learn more about our Young Family packages by clicking HERE.

We offer a comprehensive Peace of Mind Plan that can include revocable living trusts for clients who would benefit from the establishment of such trusts. We also provide more traditional estate planning for our clients in either a comprehensive package or on an “a la carte” basis to give you just what you need. Click HERE to see a helpful chart that compares Will-based plans with Trust-based plans. At Reilly Law, PLC we don’t take the position that everyone needs the “gold” level plan. While a comprehensive Trust-based plan can benefit everyone, your personal situation might not dictate that level of plan at this time. We work from a basic estate plan up to the more complex. We educate you on the pros and cons, the costs and benefits, but ultimately it is the client’s call as to the type of plan we create for them.

It should come as no surprise that George is a strong proponent of the military legal assistance program and will urge qualifying clients with basic needs to seek the services available free of charge at your nearest military legal assistance office. The location of your nearest office can be found by clickingHERE.

Now that you recognize the importance of having your own Peace of Mind Plan in place you may be tempted to look on the internet for low-cost “do-it-yourself” options rather than seek professional assistance. Before you go that route you should read the cautionary tale HERE.

In addition to helping you with the Peace of Mind Planning process, Reilly Law, PLC can also assist you after the death of a loved one with the process known as probate or estate and trust administration. More information on our estate administration services is available HERE.

For more information on the services available at Reilly Law, PLC, please use the contact form located HERE.