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Who Gets My House When I Die in Virginia?

If you own a home in the U.S., you will want to have set up an estate plan (or a Peace of Mind Plan as we prefer to call it) so that you can ensure that it goes to the individual(s) you want it to when you pass away. If your home is jointly owned […]

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What to Know About Estate Planning for Non-U.S. Citizens

Known as a melting pot of the world, the U.S. is made up of people from all over the world. It is also home for numerous non-U.S. citizens, who spend a large part of their lives in this country. The Washington, DC metro area has many non-citizens residing here, some being lawful permanent residents (“Green […]

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Older couple discussing estate plan with attorney.

Can Dementia Impact the Validity of Your Estate Plan?

When you create an estate plan, one of the most important things is to ensure that its validity won’t be called into question when the plan documents are needed. This could be use of a Durable General Power of Attorney in the event of incapacity, or use of a Will or Trust after someone dies […]

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Child with a prosthetic leg playing with blocks

Avoid These 4 Mistakes When Creating a Special Needs Trust

When their child has a disability, parents want to provide them with the proper assets necessary to protect their future. A Special Needs Trust, often referred to as a Supplemental Needs Trust (SNTs), is a legal tool that allows an individual appointed by the family to be responsible for managing money and making decisions for […]

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Couple choosing a guardian for their children.

Choosing a Guardian for Your Children: What to Consider

No one likes to think about what would happen if they should pass away unexpectedly. However, for parents, one of the biggest responsibilities is to ensure that their children are safe and cared for. This is why it is so important to choose a guardian for your children. Guardianship is a legal process in which […]

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Last will and testament.

What Is a Child Protection Plan?

As a parent, the most important job that you have is to protect your child(ren). While you may have everything in place to protect your children while you are with them, what transpires in the event that something was to happen to you and your spouse? Although it’s not necessarily comfortable to think about, it […]

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The Pandemic and Peace of Mind

There is no question that the entire world is in an unprecedented situation. The globalization of modern times makes the current pandemic both a critical health crisis and an economic upheaval on a massive scale. We are all in uncharted waters and relying on both experts and each other for solutions. And, of course, there […]

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Should You Have a Living Will?

Estate planning often conjures up the image of those towards the peak of their lives – not those who are young working professionals. It can be extremely difficult to think of us as mortal beings that will likely get older and face more medical challenges. However, it is important to keep in mind that it […]

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Newlyweds holding hands in a field.

6 Things About Estate Planning Newlyweds Should Consider

The establishment of marriage is all about joining two lives. For many couples, this includes bank accounts, taxes, and homes. But one very important aspect that many newlyweds don’t even consider is the creation of an estate plan.  While you may believe that estate plans are for those who are of older age, an estate […]

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