About The Firm

Reilly Law, PLC is a law firm that specializes in the life and estate planning needs of the middle-class families of Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

George Reilly formed Reilly Law, PLC to provide these families affordable yet comprehensive legal services that are focused on their unique situation.

We take the view that estate planning is not just for the wealthy and is not merely planning for death. Your estate plan or, as we prefer to call it, your Peace of Mind Plan, must address far more than just the transfer of your property upon your passing; it must ensure that you provide your loved ones with the guidance they need at the time they need it most.

Reilly Law, PLC offers planning services for clients who are just starting out, those in the midst of their careers, and those approaching or in retirement. We offer a fee discount for all active duty, Reserve, or retired military members and their families, as well as to active and retired government civilian employees.

Special offer—A handy checklist to assess an attorney or law firm that you are considering for your estate planning. Do they have the right education, expertise, and enthusiasm? Download it HERE.

Special offer 2—Get your own COMPLIMENTARY Peace of Mind Plan “Roadmap” organizer. The Roadmap will help guide your loved ones when you cannot. Your plan collects information your family or survivor(s) will need. Our clients tell us that this Roadmap, if properly used, eases the stress and grief on your loved ones during very difficult and emotional periods. Click on the Free Offer logo or HERE to request your own Roadmap organizer.

While Peace of Mind Planning Can Benefit Everyone — Reilly Law, PLC is NOT the Law Firm for Everyone.

Our firm is not intended for those clients whose estates may be taxable under the Federal estate tax. (See our services page for more information on what this means.) There are many law firms in the Washington DC area that specialize in estate tax planning. We will be happy to provide referrals to an appropriate law firm. (Note–we can assist you with planning for addressing the $2-3 million+ estate tax in both Maryland and the District of Columbia.) Instead, our firm works with you to ensure that your current legal needs are met in the event of an unforeseen illness or disability, or in the case of an untimely death. We also assist you with the many legal and financial issues that must be addressed after the death of a loved one. [Our services.]

Our Office Locations

Our main office is in Historic Occoquan, Virginia, serving the South County area of Fairfax, Fort Belvoir, Quantico, and Prince William County. We also have satellite offices in the Fair Oaks area of Fairfax County, Ballston, Tysons Corner, and Reston, as well as in Rockville, Maryland, and on Eye Street in Washington, DC. Now serving Alexandria from a satellite office near the Eisenhower Avenue Metro station!

More on our office locations can be found HERE.

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