A Dozen Difficult Questions

Ask yourself the following questions:

If I were to become disabled tomorrow:

1. Who would pay my bills?

2. Who would be able to make medical decisions for me if I cannot?

3. Would the family business continue?

4. Would my end of life care decisions be known and honored?

If I were to die tomorrow:

5. Who would get my property?

6. Who would care for minor children, parents, and/ or a spouse?

7. What happens to the family business?

8. Would the estate be settled according to my wishes?

9. Would taxes, fees, and costs be held to a minimum?

10. Would a trust have been appropriate for me?

11. Would my estate be settled in an appropriate and timely manner?

12. Will my family bicker and fracture based on the outcome of my estate distributions?

Failure To Create A Personalized Estate Or Peace Of Mind Plan Can Impact Your Financial Security!

Legal issues that impact financial security include topics such as: property ownership, estate planning, advance directives for health care, and guardianship for minor children.