Peace of Mind Planning–The Top 10 List

Fans of David Letterman know that he regularly uses Top 10 lists for comic effect. But these lists can also serve a less humorous purpose–to give us easy to follow bullet points on important topics.

Today’s topic is 10 Reasons For You To Develop Your Own Peace of Mind Plan:

1. Provides resources and guidance for your family.

2. Allows you to establish a plan for disability or incapacity.

3. Provides a means to get your property to beneficiaries quickly (possibly without court involvement).

4. Provides opportunities to minimize expenses.

5. Allows you to choose trusted agents to act for you, to care for your children, and to serve as executors/ trustees for your estate.

6. Enables you to give guidance to your family on your desired end of life care.

7. Provides a way to care for other relatives who need help and guidance.

8. Gives you ways to help a favorite cause.

9. Can allow you to reduce taxes on your estate.

10. Peace of mind plans can ease the strain on your family at times of great emotional distress. Okay, so admittedly not as fun as Mr. Letterman’s lists, but far more important for you and your family.